These are a few of Randy’s Favorite things. Check them out when you have a chance.

1. Amazing Grape: The Muscadine is an AmazinGrape!

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Backed by hundreds of research papers, from prestigious Universities and Government agencies, most written since 2003. Muscadine Grape seed and skin contains more Vital Nutrients (Phenolic Compounds) and Powerful Antioxidants (researchers say hundreds) in one place, than any other fruit or vegetable in the world! AmazinGrape

2. New Hope Baptist Church of Sanford

Save, Study, Serve is both the product and the process of discipleship for New Hope Baptist Church. New Hope has become determined to be the teaching church in the area. As such, we are committed to teaching the biblical truths of salvation theology, of a growing personal knowledge of God, and of daily service to God. The type of person that should result from participation in the ministry at New Hope should be described as being a genuinely-saved, Bible believing and Bible Studying, Servant of God. This goal is also the process. This process guides us in our teaching and ministry. We teach salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We teach the Old and New Testament scriptures. We teach service to God through serving believers and non-believers. We are striving to lead people to genuine faith in Christ and then lead them to study the Holy Scriptures which God will use to transform their lives. As a saved person, the student of the Holy Scriptures will then apply the truths learned by serving God through service in the local church body as well as through service to the world.